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Count yourself in on census night

The Australian Census Form has no box you can tick to indicate that you are Jewish.

All Jewish Australians should write in the word ‘Jewish’ or ‘Judaism’ in answer to the question on the Form that asks ‘What is your religion?’

This should be done for each member of the household when you complete the form on census night on Tuesday 9 August 2011.

Census data affects Government’s allocation of resources in a host of vital areas.

The Jewish community also depends on the Census for accurate planning information for services in fields of such as education, welfare and aged care.

For the benefit of our community COUNT YOURSELF IN on Census night.



Unfortunately, the advice on the front page of the Australian Jewish News does not seem to be accurate.

They advise us to fill in Religion: Jewish.

What they do not say is that we should, according to advice received today from Vic Alhadeff, Board of Deputies, also fill in Ancestry: Jewish. This will provide advice to the federal government about allocation of community funds.

This is especially important when you consider the extent of the anti-terrorism security we have to provide for our schools, synagogues and other community venues.

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