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ABC silence – 3 Killed in Jerusalem

Even passing readers will know by now I have an issue with the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s reporting on Israel. I dedicate most of my articles to this topic. However, it’s not without reason.

This week in Israel, there has been another terror attack in Jerusalem, in which 3 people died and 44 (including babies) were wounded, by a madman in a bulldozer (who was armed with a gun).

There have been no less than six violations of the Gazan ceasefire – all by the Palestinians launching rocket attacks on Israel, one of which harmed civilians.

Here’s what the ABC has to say on these attacks:

That’s right – absolutely nothing. Not a damn thing. Not even a side mention in another article.

It doesn’t fit their agenda of portraying Israel as an evil people, deserving of extermination. In fact the only the ABC has said all week is that Israel closed the border crossing to all but essential aid on Tuesday, after grudgingly admitting this was in response to a direct attack from Palestinian ‘fighters’ (although implying it was an overreaction: “a rocket landed in an open field in southern Israel, causing no damages or casualties”).

To the ABC I say this: Every time I walk to shule and some idiot yells abuse at me out of his car window, every time a Jewish kid gets attacked on the streets, every time a swatstika gets sprayed on a wall – I will lay some of the blame with you, for your active and willing role in educating Australians that this is the right way to think.

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