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A hate so strong?

Today, a Palestinian terrorist walked into a Yeshiva in Jerusalem and opened fire, killing at least 8 and wounding 14 more. He killed young students as they sat learning or eating their evening meal.

News of this act of murder was greeted with great joy by Palestinians, who danced and sang in the streets of Gaza, to hear of innocent young men, barely more than children, being murdered. Tellingly, a Hamas spokesmen referred to this kind of behaviour as “a normal act” of retaliation. Clearly, one cannot deal with people who think it’s “normal” to kill innocent non-combatants, to make a point.

This disgusting behaviour is something we’ve all come to expect and deserves more attention in another blog; however there’s something else we’ve come to expect – and that is what I am going to call unbridled hatred of Israel from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation). This pathetic excuse of a group of journalists can’t even bring themselves to call this act murder, instead headlining the attack as “‘Slaughter’ as gunman storms Jerusalem religious school.

That’s right, even in an open and shut case of murder such as this, the ABC chooses to put quotation marks around the word ‘slaughter’, as though it’s debatable whether or not this act was a good thing. You can see someone there thinking “Slaughter? I’d hardly call it that – we’re talking about Jews, not people….“.

They then elected to end the article with a piece about the IDF launching a raid into Gaza, as though to highlight their belief that this atrocious terrorist act was justified

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