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A Jewgleing Succot

Chol Hamoed has been full of complimentary activities across the community that have had a strong unifying impact.

On Sunday the Perth Hebrew Congregation opened their Succah for a complimentary sausage sizzle and raffle.  This event was well supported by the community youth.  New Director Simon Lawrence has brought great vitality and energy to the PHC already, and he is clearly already very popular with the younger members of the community.   This augers well of great signs to come.

On Monday, Dianella Shule hosted the opening of its year two Yeshiva.  Highlighted by an inspiring address by Rabbi Freilich the event also included live music and takeaway food.  Without wanting to be too critical, there were a few dissapointments relating to this opening.  It would seem that the buzz has worn off the idea of a Yeshiva as being new as the turnout to this event was almost embarrasingly small, both from the wider community and from members of Dianella Shule who host this facility.  There were also too many speeches that went on a bit long, but I wouldn’t have minded if Rabbi Freilich had spoken all night.  Maybe it was the timing of the event, or the lack of publicity.  Clearly a lot of effort went into the event, but it needed at least 200 more people to create the environment that was needed, especially to support the music and dancing that followed.

Tuesday also saw a flurry of activity.  Chabad took their Succah mobile into the City.  Noranda Shule hosted a Simchat Beit HaShoeva with an influx of activity led by the Torah MiTzion bachurim.  Bnei Akiva rocked up in Perth, and it was wonderful to see about 50 young people singing and sharing messages for Hoshana Raba.

Now its almost YomTov again.  JewglePerth’s pick for Simchat Torah is to watch out for Bnei Akiva as they liven up proceedings at the Maurice Zeffert Home.  For the true Spirit of Simchat Torah its always a good and long night at Chabad House.

A final word.  As this post demonstrates, each Shule has hosted events over chol hamoed.  None of these events have clashed, and all of these events have been supported by a diverse range of people.  Whether that is by design or by default, it doesn’t matter.  The fact is that each Shules members should all support each others activities, and the end result is good for everyone.  Maybe we are moving closer to the stage where next Succot that all the Shules can combine to host one massive community wide celebration as a shared initiative?

Moadim LiSimcha.  May the uplift of a month of festivities carry us through the year ahead.

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