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ABC continues down same path

With all the media attention on the impending “truce” between Israel and Hamas (definition of truce: where Hamas continues to fire rockets and Israel stops responding), it’s no surprise to see the Australian Broadcasting Corporation continuing their same bias.

They’re running an online piece describing the situation just before the truce comes into effect. Unsurprisingly, they have focused the article on doubt the truce will hold and blamed Israel for continuing violence right up until the last minute. The article comes complete with the usual pictures of choas in the Gaza strip and the sad story of Yusef al Hisse:

At Gaza’s Shifa hospital, Yusef al Hisse is wheeled into the recovery room. On the gurney with him is a cardboard box containing the leg he’s just had amputated.

Isn’t Israel evil? For firing on this poor Gazian citizen, causing the loss of his leg. What, oh what, could he have possible been doing at the time Israel fired at him? Amazingly, this is included in the article, however it’s mentioned only as a side issue.

Mr Hisse was injured in an air strike after firing rockets at Israel.

He wasn’t the victim of some random attack. The man was actively engaged in initiating aggression, and was only injured by the Israeli response. But that’s not the way the ABC plays it. In fact they run the picture of the article and headline as:

“Leading up to the truce, Israeli air strikes on the Gaza Strip have continued.”

Completely disregarding the fact that the single air strike was a response to the 38 rockets Hamas fired into Israel.

We then diverge into the usual fest of “Israel ate my baby”, that follows in nearly every ABC article.

“We are eager for this,” [i.e. the truce] a woman said. “My baby is sick, and I’ve been trying for six months to get her out of Gaza for treatment,” she added.

JPost covers the other side of the story.

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