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ABC’s of one sided reporting

It was only a small tag on the radio news, but hostile enough.  The message was that Israel had denied entry to Richard Falk, a UN investigator of human rights in the Palestinian Territories. 

This alone sounds like it is antagonisitic and portrays Israel as if the Country has something to hide.  The general press followed suit with the following commentary:

Israeli authorities on Monday expelled Richard Falk, a UN investigator of human rights in the Palestinian territories, saying he was unwelcome because of what the government regarded as his hostile position toward Israel. Falk, an American, arrived in Israel on Sunday and was placed on the first available flight back to Geneva, his point of departure. A spokesman for the Israeli Foreign Ministry said Falk had been informed in advance that his entry would be barred.

However the reports have failed to mention a few relevant points about Professor Falk.  For example,
Falk has compared Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians to Nazi atrocities.  He has also supported  conspiracy theories that Zionists and Americans caused 9/11.

Falk issued a statement this month describing Israel’s embargo on Gaza, which is controlled by Hamas, as a crime against humanity, while making only cursory reference to Hamas rocket attacks against Israeli civilian centers.

Congratulations to Israel for standing up to its sovereign rights and principles, and not permitting this nasty piece of work access to a territory (that it does not govern) via its borders. 

Shame on the ABC for not giving context to its report.  Shame also on the ABC for editorialising by describing Fatah as “moderate” and Likud as “hawkish”, when the Fatah have sponosored terrorism (and still maintain a charter that calls for the destruction of Israel) and the Likud have pursued a secure peace. 

In other news, our taxpayer funded media is not being honest and objective.

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