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AFP has no respect for Israeli’s

The Australian Federal Police, sent to Israel to investigate the ongoing trial by media relating to the Dubai assassination of Hamas gun runner, Mabhouh, have demonstrated quite clearly that they have no respect for Israeli’s whatsoever.

Only a few hours after arriving, the members of the AFP task force, who are in Israel seeking to ascertain if Israel had stolen Australian passports, managed to hit a cyclist with their car – and then failed to stop: a classic “hit and run” (something they would lose their jobs for and face jail time over, had they done it “back home” in Australia).

From The Australian:

In an extraordinary turn of events, a car screeched out of the car park under the Australian Embassy in Tel Aviv and hit a woman riding a bicycle, who was not seriously injured.

But the car did not stop, instead continuing on its high-speed journey.

The female cyclist who was hit was not badly injured, however she has asked that she at least get an apology and a new bike wheel, from the Australian government.

The woman, Oshra Bar, told one media outlet last night: “I want an apology and a new wheel. I was hit and I kind of bounced.”

This incident highlights the utter disrespect for Israel and Israeli’s that the AFP officers have taken with them, on this investigation. Can you imagine an Australian police officer hitting a cyclist here in Australia, and then driving off without stopping? Imagine the media furore? The officer would unquestionably lose their job, at the very least.

The very fact that they felt that because it was “only an Israeli (Jew)”, they did not need to stop and provide assistance or even basic first aid, shows an extremely serious character flaw in either the officers themselves or the institution they serve. At the very least, it shows that they feel the laws they are sworn to uphold do not apply to them, personally. To say the least, they are extremely lucky Oshra Bar was not seriously injured.

I’d like to hear if Kevin Rudd thinks this is the “act of a friend” or not?

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