Author: <span>Andrew Blitz</span>

Which side of the fence ?

Today J-Wire reported the ongoing storm in a teacup between The New Israel Fund and The Maccabean.
Kudos to the author of the article Roz Tarszisz for a balanced perspective however you have to wonder how we are ever going to become a unified community when the J-Wire webpage displays an add for the exact movie that The Maccabean has taken a stand against by refusing to promote it to The Perth Community.

Together we stand united we fall
Together we stand united we fall

Call to contributors

To the Perth Jewish community, JewglePerth would like to remind the Perth Jewish community that we’re an open group and people are encouraged to contribute to the site, either as commentators or active contributors. If you would like to write articles for JewglePerth, please contact us through this post or …

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