Kiwi Media has no wings

Kiwi Media has no wings

Isn’t the media amazing.

Today’s bouquet goes to the New York Sun.  If you only read one article in the media this week, then make sure that it’s this one!   A hattip to Aussie Dave for this great read.

Here is the brick bat.  Its a New Zealand news service that thinks Israel is to blame for high oil prices.  Its interesting to note that the level of anti-semitism in New Zealand is far higher than Australia, at least according to the Govt of Israel.  That is due to ignorance more than informed intolerance, but it is an interesting trend to comment on.  The size of the Jewish community in NZ is about one third smaller than Perth, but it is also next to invisible.  Gone are the days where civic and leadership contributions are made by prominent NZ Jews to the development of that country and gone are the days when NZ was a friend of Israel.  Perth is not heading in that direction, but the issue of Jewish visability is one that is very important when it comes to contributing to the community and public debate.  Instead of being a mysterious and unknown community that is insular and ashamed to showcase its traditions by being visibly Jewish in public (which is a fair description of our kiwi Jewish counterparts), the Jewish community needs to be parochial, strong, and present in the wider community.  That way, the insideous and malicious reports in the media that demean Israel can be met with a response.  The media is less likely to print anti-Israel content if it knows that it will be held to account for the honesty and balance that its readership expects.  The lesson learned from NZ is that when there is noone left to stand up and fight, then free license is taken for the media to print whatever it likes about Jews without being taken to task.  

This is not the only factor to take into account when looking at the consistent deamonisation of Israel that is engaged in by the NZ media.   Of course NZ is not antisemitic.  However the country does know how dependent it is on trade partners that wish to obliterate Israel, and there is no doubt that this consideration assists to frame the anti-Israel diplomatic position often taken by the NZ Government.  The high level of trade with Iran, conveniently cited in this article as $130 million, is a thinly concealed factor that just happens to justify tolerance of Iranian nuclear proliferation.  


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