Bob Carr’s Shameful Stance

Bob Carr’s Shameful Stance

Political advocates in the USA often lament that when it comes to Foreign Policy, it is the State Department that pulls the strings, sets the agenda, and controls the Administration. When it comes to the Secretary of State, the tail wags the dog.

In Australia the dynamic is perhaps less intense, but nonetheless, one wonders the extent to which Bob Carr, our illustrious Foreign Minister, is a product of his Department.

In any instance, the increasingly hostile approach that the current Australian Government has taken toward Israel, and the danger inherent within should be of grave concern to all Australians.

Whilst the leaders and representatives of the Australian Jewish community have remained respectful, our peak body institutions have pointed out why recent statements by Bob Carr have outraged community members.

In particular, Bob Carr has described Israeli Settlements as illegal under international law. The statement was released at the conclusion of the fifth Australia-UK Ministerial Consultations (AUKMIN) claims that all Israeli settlements are “illegal under international law” and that settlement activity “undermines the prospects for peace”.

At best it is a matter of dispute as to whether the “territories”, known for thousands of years by Jewish people as Judea and Samaria, are illegally occupied. Some of these areas were legally purchased and developed decades before the modern State of Israel was declared and immediately attacked. It was in 1967, in a defensive war fought against the odds of survival that Israel unified its Capital City and regained control of areas critical to its border defence. Successive Israeli Governments have clearly evidenced that a formula of land for peace can be a matter of negotiation, but that elusive peace has yet to be offered. Bob Carr’s statement only serves to force Israel towards indefensible borders with a hostile enemy.

Mr Carr, encouraged by the UN, UK, USA and parroting the global capitulation towards Islamic states that are ultimately propagating the establishment of an international caliphate, is allowing Australia to escalate global instability. International law is complex, let alone in many cases undefined and non-binding. Few, far from the realm of a bunch of amateur bloggers have the legal capacity to interpret the intricacies. There are many resources and commentaries available that deal with legal interpretation of this issue.  These links are worth reading, please take the time to become informed!

At a relational level, the position taken by Bob Carr is not only unjust, it is an insult to the Jewish community. It is an affront to the thousands of Australian Jews who fought for the freedom of Australia as commandos, troops, gunners, orderlies and servicemen. It is an unravelling of the legacy of the venerated John Monash, General of the Australian army, whose influence ensured that the Great War ended sooner, and despite the trauma, with fewer casualties than there otherwise may have been. The Jewish community of Australia is loyal to its nation, its laws and policies, and has sacrificed much to contribute to the security and liberty that we now live by. At the same time, the Australian Jewish community is overwhelmingly supportive of Israel as the only Jewish nation in the world, and a longstanding Australian ally. It is a slap in the face to Australian Jews for our Government to deny the legality of Israeli sovereignty of Jerusalem.

To see our Foreign Minister on the international stage proclaiming a supposidly legal position that aligns to the agenda of those who seek to obliterate Israel, that is a matter of interpretation more than it is a matter of fact, and that can be historically, militarily, politically, and ethically challenged, is nothing short of a disgrace.

The strength and tone of the accusation that Israel, inclusive of its indivisible eternal Capital Jerusalem, is no longer legitimate in the eyes of the Government of Australia, is a turning point of historic proportion. It is a blight on the reputation of Australia as a democratic champion of the value of freedom and self-determination. It is also more than a mere statement, as the collective ramifications of such an ignorant and partisan position practically removes the incentive for the enemies of Israel to make peace, and leads to the spilling of more Jewish blood.

Hopefully Bob Carr will be made aware of the gravity, treachery, and fraudulence within his obnoxious statement, and move to make amends. If he fails to do so, at least the Australian people will ensure that on Yom Kippur, a day of judgement, a verdict will be cast on the popularity of the Government, inclusive of its foreign policy.


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