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It was wonderful to read last weeks Maccabean and see so much local coverage, news, history and coverage in a well rounded publication that is definately improving.  In particular the letter from Rabbi Freilich, the views about Israel by MP Bob Kucera, and the sketch of the first Ohel at Karrakatta Cemetary were all very high quality items that were interesting to read.

There is one brick bat, and that is again with regard to the item by Ken Arkwright.  For the third year running, as if on autocue, the Maccabean has deemed it suitable to include an item that dismisses the festival of Purim, and insults Judaism.  The article cites the story of Purim as a “poetical invention”, and quotes “the lack of spirituality in the biblical book of Esther”.

The beauty of Purim, is that it is one of the most spiritually indepth moments in the Jewish year.  Instead of poking fun at the Megillah, the Maccabean would do well to join the fun of the Megillah.  Instead of plucking historical and non-Jewish sources to discredit the festival, the Maccabean could draw tradition, beauty, and faith from the story and encourage involvement.

There are times where you fall either on the side of the line of supporting Jewish tradition, or destroying Jewish tradition.  Either you celebrate and derive meaning from Judaism, or you interrogate it with a view towards contributing to its destruction.  Yet again, the Maccabean has proved itself to be unworthy of being the voice of Perth Jewry by incorporating material that undermines the very essence of who we are and what we are about.

Maccabean – please take a bow towards Haman.

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