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Chanukah Funukah

The first night of Chanukah attracted a couple of hundred people to Ben Gurion park for a Chabad sponsored public menorah lighting.  The second night attracted a similar crowd at the Perth Hebrew Congregation.  Dianella Shule was full of children for a Chanukah quiz. 

So far its been a fun filled Chanukah, with lots more activity to come.

Chanukah is a time of great spirituality and of miracles.  It is also a joyous historical moment for the Jewish people, even despite the miserable and distorted commentary in the ironically named Maccabean.

If only the Jews of the world could be enlighted to what is happening to us and around us.  If only they could see the great nation State of Israel rise to fill the prophecies of our people, and to see the daily miracle that is Israel itself. 

Here is but one small example.  Arutz Sheva contains the following Chanukah news headline:

Chanukah marks the ancient miracle of a day’s supply of pure olive oil burning for eight days in the Holy Temple. This year, another miracle is oil-rich Arab nations in panic over the plunge in crude oil prices from $147 in the summer to less than $40 on Chanukah.

The article goes on to note that the economic impact may lead to political aversion of the nuclear threat.  It is a shame that the entire world cannot be peaceful and prosperous, but the reality is that the protection of G-d over Israel takes many forms, and measure for measure, the holy nation of Israel will prevail.

Chag Chanukat Sameach.

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