Charles Zentai

Charles Zentai

A Perth magistrate Barbara Lane has ruled that alleged Nazi war criminal Charles Zentai is eligible to be extradited to Hungary to face charges that he murdered a teenage Jew. Zentai’s son Gabriel Steiner said his father was shattered by the ruling.

Zentai’s lawyer said a bail application and paperwork to appeal the decision would be lodged in the Federal Court immediately.

The Republic of Hungary has pursued the extradition for 3 years. Zentai is number seven on a list of  The Simon Wiesenthal Centre’s 10 most wanted suspected Nazi war criminals.

Hungary has alleged Zentai was one of three men who tortured and murdered 18-year-old Peter Balazs in Budapest in November 1944 because he failed to wear a yellow star to identify him as a Jew.

I don’t think that the Jewish community should respond at all to the protestations of innocence by Mr Zentai’s family. The proper time to canvass those issues is in the courtroom in Hungary.
The facts are that the Hungarian authorities have evidence sufficiently strong, despite the passage of time, to issue an arrest warrant and an extradition application.
As an Australian who loves justice and truth I would urge the Australian authorities to expedite the case and complete the extradition process as quickly as possible so that justice can be fully and properly pursued.

Update:  Must read column by Ephriam Zuroff in the Jerusalem Post  

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