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Chilling Words

Some words from Barry Rubin about the Hizbollah takeover of Lebanon.  The meaning of this development is completely lost on our benign and spineless media.  Check out the whole article  as this is one of the most important pieces of commentary you will read for some time.

What Spain was in 1936; Lebanon is today.

Does anyone remember the Spanish Civil War? Briefly, a fascist revolt took place against the democratic government. The rebels were motivated by several factors, including anger that their religion had not been given enough respect and regional grievances, but essentially they sought to put their ideology and themselves into power. Nazi Germany and Fascist Italy backed the rebels with money and guns. The Western democracies stood by and did nothing.  Guess who won? And guess whether that outcome led to peace or world war.


Funny, I thought September 11 changed everything.

For all those in the West who don’t like Israel, then at least help the people you pretend to like. Back the Lebanese government with real power and aid, covertly or overtly, those battling the radical forces in Lebanon.

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