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Who thinks the Jews are crazy?  Ok, so sometimes you need to be a little bit crazy.

For those of us down with swine flu at the moment, it is not so funny.  The Jewish way is to solve rational problems by proclaiming irrational declarations of faith.  It seems as if one such effort has attracted the attention of our ABC.

Flying rabbis protect Israel from swine flu
By Middle East correspondent Anne Barker

About 50 rabbis and Jewish mystics have flown over Israel for an airborne prayer meeting in the belief it may stop the spread of swine flu.

They chanted prayers and blew ceremonial trumpets as their plane circled.

One of the rabbis says he is certain the danger to Israel has now passed because of the prayer flight.

So far 2,000 Israelis have caught swine flu and five have died, but Israel’s health ministry says once winter sets in hundreds could die.

     Flying rabbis protect Israel from swine flu – ABC News

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