Dumbass Statement from Former Australian FM

Dumbass Statement from Former Australian FM

A former Australian foreign affars Minister puts the reputation of our country to shame when he suggests that we should engage in dialogue with terrorists. 

A media report quotes Gareth Evans as follows:

 “Engaging Hamas may provide the Islamists with greater international recognition, but acknowledging its role also could mean increasing leverage on it.

“As it stands, Hamas has nothing to lose. Not surprisingly, it is behaving that way.”

Given all that has happened in the past three years, it is hard to fathom how any rational person, (whose political or financial interests were not being served) could make a statement advocating dialogue with terrorists.  Hamas has had a consistent position that existed long before they gained control of Gaza, and has not wavered since.  The Hamas position is that there is no room for Israel.  All the Jews driven into the sea and their blood will soak the land.  This is a non-negotiable founding principle of their organisation and one that they uphold with pride.  These are people that perpetrate and celebrate mass murder, that teach hatred, and manipulate media.  There is no room for compromise here. 

It is unreasonable to expect Israel to partner with an organisation dedicated to its destruction.  Evans is wrong when he suggests Hamas has nothing to lose.  They lose their proud reputation amongst their fellow Islamists.

It is however Israel that has everything to lose, and nothing to gain. 

Evan’s should show a bit of backbone and call for greater sanctions against Hamas.  Strangle their funding, smother their terrorism, eliminate their hatred until they either accept the reality of Israel, or get replaced by leadership (yet to be identified) that can entertain the notion of coexistance.  

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