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Ed O’Louglin: An Inadequate Explanation

Apparently, in a few weeks the tenure of the Fairfax Middle East correspondent Ed O’Loughlin will end.  Maybe then the quality of reporting about Israel in some of Australian’s daily newspapers will improve.

What a chutzpah this correspondent has writing a defence of himself in last weeks Australian Jewish News entitled “My Israel reporting explained“.  This item looks at the specifics of some very valid points made by MP Michael Danby. Quite frankly the article is not well written, gives very little explanation as to his consistant lack of context, and does not do anything but add to the viewpoint of the AJN editor that his reporting lacks balance.  Some letters to the AJN this week highlight just how little respect the Jewish community holds for this reporter.

Once again last week, after the AJN published O’Loughlin’s remarks we were subjected to yet another article that shows his bias.  The West Australian published an item called “Monopoly hits Middle East name hurdle”. This blog has previously referenced this issue, but the old news is rehashed here by Ed O’Loughlin with the following commentary:

“The competition came to the attention of the Israeli Consulate in New York which decided to mobilise Israel’s global network of cyber-activists to ensure Jerusalem was included”. Yes Ed, Israel has a well organised cartel of lobbyists that can deliver a conspiracy to any corporate entity of their choice. We just activate our sleeper cells, and before you know it, we have a cyber terrorist war. Thank’s for pointing that out, just in case the readers of the West Australian actually thought the global network incohesive and not carefully organised.

“According to United Nations resolutions still in force after 60 years, Jerusalem is legally neither Israeli nor Palestinian but a demilitarised city under international trusteeship”  Bullshit Ed, Jerusalem is the eternal and undivided Capital City of Israel, as recognised by the Government of Australia and the Australian people.

Monopoly is a harmless game, now being used by Fairfax reporters as a pawn in the struggle to legitimise the right of Israel to the Capital of its nation. Ed O’Loughlin displays his bias through lack of context with this article, choosing to report Jerusalem as City with indeterminate ownership, as opposed to a Jewish city. One only has to walk the streets of this City to see that it is a free multicultural city, with Jewish Governance. Heck, you can even visit the Parliament of Israel while you are there. Its not an apparition, its a fact on the ground. If you choose not to recognise it, then you choose to ignore history, and ignore the very essence of morality itself.

I could go on, but whats the point? Our reporters think of themselves as political arbiters. They draw thier own conclusions, create their own political narrative, and omit so much relevant information and balance that their credibility is worth nothing.

So that Jewgle is not accused of taking remarks out of context, here is the full text of the West Australian’s article


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