Election Wrap

Election Wrap

Due to business committments, Gedalia will be unable to blog for the next week.  But he will be watching the election closely and sharing some thoughts when back on line.

As mentioned when commencing election comments for this blog, the amount of campaign maketing material is excessive at election time.  With this said, I didn’t expect to get letters from both the liberal and labour candidates at the rate of one a day.  One letter would have sufficed, but I must have received 20 personally addressed mailouts in the past 7 days.  The cost of this must be huge.  Add to that the cost of advertising on TV and radio, plus the cost of managing the campaign, polling, designing material and contracting mailhouses.  With this happening all over Australia there would be hundreds of millions of dollars spent on electioneering.  At what cost does democracy come?  Imagine if instead all that money had been spent on employing teachers, nurses, police and other essential professions at reasonable market rates.   The sooner the public pressure electoral candidates to place a cap on the level of investment into their campaign, the better off we all are.  Especially when a lot of the funding comes from special interest groups, individuals and businesses that need to have favours returned through the decision making directives of their elected members.

This has been a dissapointing campaign.  It has been a campaign devoid of substance.  It has been driven by meaningless platitudes.  Both the political candidates and the media treat the public like idiots, and we in turn deserve no better until such time as we stand up to this nonsense and reject it for what it is.  The media verdict has been that this election is the end of John Howard.  That’s what they said at the last election.  The people now get to have their say, and hopefully their decisions will be on an informed understanding of policy, and not a popularity contest between two party leaders. 

At the end of the day it is the economy and the people that drives politics, and not the other way around.  A Labor victory would not see the world come to an end as some staunch Liberal hacks predict.  A Liberal victory would need to be followed up by some swift political reform, as a fifth term is barely tenable, but a sixth would be unthinkable.  Complanceny and born to rule arrogance will be the name of the day.

The last word comes down to my opinion as a Western Australian Jewish voter.  My community is dependent on political support for issues such as security, education, social services, religious freedom, immigration, and foreign policy.  I have no doubt that both Liberal and Labor are well intentioned supporters of Jewish community development and sympathetic towards the difficulties of maintaining a small community with unique cultural needs.  However I believe that the Liberal party should be rewarded for good governance and I trust them to be more receptive to the international forces of anti semitism and Israel bashing that ultimately is a front for the freedom of the western world.  John Howard has been a Statesman, and has stood up for what is right, ahead of what is politically expedient.  I for one will be recognising this at the ballot box.

Happy voting. 

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