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From a big weekend

There were two spectacular events amongst a number of activities within the Perth Jewish community last weekend.

The first was a Shabbat lunch hosted by the Bnei Akiva Parents and Friends.  More than 150 people turned up to share some of the ruach from the recent camp, and were not dissapointed.  It was remarked that the current team of madrichim are amongst the best that Bnei has seen.  We are very fortunate to have sensational madrichim and shlichim who give up so much of their time. 

The second event was a farewell function for the bachurim of the Torah MiTzion Yeshivah program.  They presented a series of exhibits “the whole of Jewish history in one hour” and put a tremendous amount of work into the display.  Booklets were provided, and after a bbq there were some presentations and a slide show demonstrating just how active the group has been.  Again, we are fortunate that they gave so much time and energy to the community and eagerly await the team for next years program.

The future of religious zionism in Perth looks very bright indeed.

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