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Germany bans Israeli flag

Well, it seems old habits die hard, as German police have shown.

During an anti-Israel demonstration in Duisburg last Saturday (11th of Jan 1939 2009), German police kicked in the door of two German Jews who had an Israeli flag showing through their window and confiscated it – much to the delight of the anti-Israel crowd outside.

The crowd outside, attending a protest organised by “radical Islamic group, Milli Görüs” (Jpost), where throwing rocks and other objects at the apartment block housing the Jews. Rather than prevent the rock throwers from breaking the law, the German Police instead raided the Jewish house,  breaking down the door and confiscated the Israeli flag.

German police have stated that people waving Israeli flags at any pro-Israel protests can expect them to be confiscated, as well and people waving the Israeli flag have been arrested in Düsseldorf. No action was taken against people with Palestinian or Hamas flags.

From the Jerusalem Post:

When asked if the Duisburg police plan to confiscate Israeli flags from supporters who demonstrate against an anti-Israeli protest slated for this coming Saturday, Ramon van der Maat, a Duisburg police spokesman, told The Jerusalem Post that, “we have to see what is expected at the protest”, adding, “It depends on the situation and one cannot, across the board say that Israeli flags will be permitted”.

Of course, waving Hamas flags and throwing objects at the homes of German Jews is prefectly acceptable to German law enforcement.

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