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Good kosher cuisine

If anyone wants to spoil themselves this week, the butcher at the kosher food centre is selling rolled veal roasts stuffed with spinach and pine nuts. 

I cooked one up tonight and it was delicious.  It’s probably the closest kosher imitator of a pork roast, with a nice layer of fat on the outside and a nice pale grade of meat.  Trust me – coming from me that statement is a big compliment.  To make the expereience even better I mixed up a sour cream sauce with toffuti, and flavoured it with apple and a little brown sugar. 

Traiff style kosher food!  It remains on the conscience and the pallet right through to Yom Kippur, which is really interesting as its one of those things that you know you should really feel guilty about even though there is no reason why.  What could be more Jewish than that?  That’s what I told my Yom Tov guests as they ate beef stroganoff and creamed liquers.

But seriously the roast was great.  Anything that appears traiff enough to be attractive, yet remains expensive enough to be kosher is good enough for me.  

Wishing you well over the fast.

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