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Is Hamas ready to accept Israel?

Is Hamas finally ready to accept a Jewish state?

According to some (light in detail) media reports – yes. Jpost claim that a senior Hamas spokesman, Aziz Dwaik, has stated that Hamas is willing to do just this; accept a Jewish state and tear up their old charter calling for the destruction of Israel. In a meeting with British billionaire, David Martin Abrahams, who is a key donor to the British Labour Party, the Hamas representative claimed that Hamas is beginning to see reason.

During the meeting in Hebron, Dwaik stressed that other Hamas leaders, including Damascus-based leader Khaled Mashaal and Gaza Prime Minister Ismail Haniyeh, have voiced support for the idea of establishing an independent Palestinian state within the pre-1967 boundaries. (Jpost)

Could it possibly be that Hamas is hurting so badly in Gaza and so fearful of a Fatah based Palestine that they are willing to deal with their worst enemies? Are Hamas suddenly willing to call up their paymasters in Tehran and tell them “sorry guys, we’re switching sides”? Are we actually entering the crazy World where Hamas are the “moderates”?

I don’t think so. Here’s why.

The first problem with Dwaik’s statement is that it’s extremely light on detail. When he says Hamas is no longer interested in “throwing anyone into the sea”, this does not genuinely answer the question of whether Hamas would accept Israel as a Jewish state. His statement in fact, more likely reflects that Hamas would be willing to (temporarily) accept some Jews living in the same geographical location, as a minority, after the “return of Palestinian refugees”.

The second and even bigger problem is that it was made in English. I will consider it worthy of listening to when Hamas stand up and make the same statement, in Arabic, on their website and to their followers. I would put more credence in such a line if it was delivered to thousands at the next arranged spontaneous rally in Gaza. This is highlighted in the following line from the parent article:

Dwaik also expressed Hamas’s desire to engage in dialogue with the international community, first and foremost the European Union. He confirmed that Hamas was receiving financial aid from Iran, but said that this was the direct result of the boycott and sanctions against the movement. (JPost)

Until Hamas are willing to do stand up and make the same claims in Arabic, where all their followers can hear, instead of in closed media rooms through English based websites, then I see this as a very transparent attempt to give the EU what it wants to hear, so they can begin direct negotiations with Hamas, about the future of Israel. Another channel for the “Mid East Quartet” to talk about what they plan to do with the land of Israel, without asking for Israel’s input.

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