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I didn’t know it was kosher

Finally a young man from Sydney has found a way to show up the ineffectiveness of the current crop of kashrut organisations information distribution systems.  Most kashrut agencies rely on the publication of information in a kashrut directory. This might have worked in the past but is clearly out of touch with the modern kosher consumers.

Some kashrut agencies responded by creating web sites that were either regularly, semi regularly or never updated with kashrut information. Has anyone seen an iphone, blackberry or android app for the australian market containing updated kashrut information. Kosher consumers live in hope.

Even if all these mechanisms did exist and were updated no kashrut agency in Australia and possibly the world has a system to monitor the importation of kosher products that are certified in another country and then imported through a common food distributor.  How many times have you been in a shop and found certified kosher products from OU, Star-K etc and they are not listed in the current kashrut directory.

Its time for kosher consumers to take the lead and seize the initiative. Visit this website on facebook, join the group and share your kosher product discoveries.  Power to the people comrades.

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