Ignorance, stupidity and insensitivity from ABC’s Geoff Hutchison and his guests

Follow this link  to hear a recording of the ABC Perth Morning show talk-back “discussion” about a Perth school awarding a prize to a student dressing up as Hitler.

It appears to be a combination of ignorance, stupidity and insensitivity for Geoff Hutchison and his guests to think that the passage of time should turn Hitler into “just another historical figure”.

Bill Johnston MLA, State Member for Cannington, called the station to admonish the Announcer and his guests. I was just debating with myself whether to phone in, but was reticent because it shouldn’t be just Jews who speak against such ignorance, stupidity and insensitivity. A call, coming from a prominent, respected leader of the wider community, was extremely salutary.

As it turned out, a Jewish caller “Michael” phoned in immediately after Bill, and did a fine job of expressing the revulsion that we were feeling as Jews about the announcer’s treatment of the story.

I’m sure most listeners learned something that morning, thanks to Bill and Michael.

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