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During the short time that Rabbi Yehuda (Larry) Brown has been in Perth he has made a big impression, both within his kehillah and with the many students he teaches at Carmel School.  His formal induction, held last Sunday, was a much needed boost for the Jewish community in Perth’s Northern Suburbs. 

Some photos of the induction can be seen on the Shule Website. 

There were three highlights of the induction.  First, was the pleasure of hearing Rabbi Dr Shalom Coleman give his bracha to the community.  The tremendous koach that Rabbi Coleman has to still actively serve the community, and his wisdom and clarity in his speech, is now rarely found in our generation. It is far beyond the modern Rabbinate to have this style or depth of inspiration within the form of a traditional drasha. 

The second was the ability of the Shule President Mr Ivan Cohen to pay tribute to our Civic leaders, and for the Mayor of Bayswater to respond.  Too few opportunities exist to share the religious and cultural significance of our community in a broader communal context.  A strong theme of the induction was the gratitude and historically unusual privilege that the Perth Jewish community has to live in a free and supportive society that asserts our right to live as Jews and express our identity.  Local Government has been particularly supportive of its Jewish population through assisting with planning approvals and zoning for our Shules.

Finally, Rabbi Brown himself shared some words about his intentions and ambitions for the years ahead.  Without question, Noranda Shule have found a Rabbi who is extremely knowledgable, experienced and supportive.  Rabbi Brown talked about the influence that South African Jewry has had on Perth, and Australian Jewry as a whole, and about the importance of not growing physically and spritually.  He emphasised that stagnation was not an option.

There is little doubt that the Rabbinate of Perth is greatly strengthed by Rabbi Brown’s appointment, and that we have much to look forward to from the new vibrancy he brings into our community.


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