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Introducing Jewgle Top 10

Here are the top ten items that the Australian Jewish media, blogs and talklists seem to be covering at the moment:

  1. Snow in Jerusalem
  2. Australia day honours for Jewish leaders
  3. Solidarity with Sderot
  4. Performance of Jewish day school top students
  5. Breakdown of Gaza-Egyptian border
  6. Which US Presidential candidate is best for Israel
  7. Enforcement of a Seiruv by a Beit Din
  8. Australia 2020 Summit clashing with Pesach
  9. Which representative body speaks for the Jewish community?
  10. Soliciting Jewish emigration to Australia from South Africa

These may be good and important issues. However, here is a list of the top ten media items that Jewgle adds to the top of the headline list:

  1. Affordability of Jewish Day School education
  2. The impact of assimilation on our future sustainability
  3. Educating Jews against ignorance of their own tradition
  4. Promoting non-intimidatory social connections and dating for Jewish singles
  5. Solidarity with the forgotten victims of the Gaza disengagement
  6. Improving Jewish security and combating anti-Semitism in Australian streets
  7. Easier forms of Aliyah that allow for partial retention of interests outside of Israel
  8. Media advocacy to improve the accuracy of reporting about Israel in the general media
  9. Recording the history of the Jewish community
  10. Lack of respect for Jewish religious observance

All issues are important. Yet there are many we conveniently ignore because they are too hard to confront, or they illicit too much guilt on the part of the publisher. Let’s get our priorities right and start talking about those issues that impact our growth and development as a community.

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