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Jew bashing in Sydney

AJN reports (JANUARY 8, 2009 at that

A POLICE investigation is underway into an apparent bashing of a Sydney Jewish father at a recent anti-Israel rally that saw 1000 people march through the city to condemn Israel’s military action in Gaza.

A 47-year-old man, who requested his name not be published, told The AJN he had been working in the city when he happened upon the rally on the corner of George and Market streets on Monday afternoon, December 29.

It was one of many protests held throughout Australia in recent weeks, since Israel launched its military operation on the Gaza Strip on December 27, in response to constant rocket fire from Hamas.

Enraged by some of the hateful slogans being hurled against Israel, the man said he exchanged words with some of the protesters, but left the scene soon after without any physical altercation.

Moments later, however, he said a group of three men chased him down Market Street and attacked him from behind.

The man subsequently suffered a dislocated and fractured shoulder and was taken to St Vincent’s Hospital for treatment. He said he was currently seeking specialist advice for his injuries, which may require surgery.

“The guys were pretty well organised and violent,” he added. “They were not peaceful protesters.” …

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