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Well if the LHC Particle Reactor does create a black hole and destroy the earth, it will be the fault of those pesky Israeli scientists.

At least there is hope for the Jews.   The article below is entitled “May We Please Have the Moon?” by Janet S. Tiger, copyright 11/15/2003, all rights reserved

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I generally don’t favour reposts, but couldn’t resist sharing this one.   May the force be with you.

The Jews settled the moon in 2053, just about five years after the end of the Islamic Wars of the 2040’s, where nuclear weapons obliterated the Middle East, and, of course, Israel.


The two million Jews remaining throughout the rest of the world“ plus less than 100,000 in all the Islamic countries“ banded together and purchased the dark side of the moon, which no other groups or people wished to colonize.


They arranged great transports via the 62,000-mile space elevator and the Space Shuttle. Every Jew on Earth “including anyone who claimed any Jewish heritage whatsoever “left to go to a place where no one could blame them for anything.


The Earth rejoiced, happy to have gotten rid of all Jews. They held huge parties throughout all of Sweden and the rest of Europe, Africa, Asia, South America, and North America . (Now known as the Northern Alliance of Islamic States after the United States was taken over democratically in the elections of 2040 by a predominantly Muslim Congress. The President immediately passed amendments making Islam the main religion of the United States and the world.) After the last Jew entered the elevator (a David Goldstein, 62, formerly of New York ), the Earth was officially declared Judenrein by Hans Ibn Hitler, a great, great-grandson of Adolph Hitler. Hans Ibn Hitler had been raised in Brazil . The Nazis hid him until this precious moment.


It was not an easy move for the Jews but, in some ways, it was similar to their moves in previous eras. Some former Israelis (still alive because they were out of Israel when the bombs dropped) claimed that the moon was easier to deal with because there were no Extremist Muslims. Of course, this precipitated a huge argument among some Jews, who felt that not having Radical Muslims nearby was not enough of a challenge.


Other Jews argued that taming a wilderness with no atmosphere, plant or animal life and freezing temperatures was enough of a challenge. Yet other Jews argued that arguing was counterproductive. It came as no surprise to anyone that the one million of the Jews built one million synagogues (with the other million or so Jews not joining).


It was also no surprise that within just three years, the Jews had created a controlled environment that allowed for fantastic plant and animal growth and production. The transports, which had been called the Arks, also carried a pair of each animal and plant (remember, Noah), and through the ingenuity of the Jews in cloning, there were now many new species which sped up production of food (cows with ten udders, chickens with six legs and so forth). The population had rapidly increased and, due to the amazing collection of scientific and medical minds, most diseases and even aging had been reduced to nil.


There was even a ministry of communication with Earth, consisting of the remains of Hollywood producers and moviemakers, who sent back to Earth portraits of life on the moon. Of course, it had been decided when the Jews first got to the moon “based on a six-thousand-year history of people being jealous of Jewish accomplishment“ that all news coverage of the moon’s population would be ‘movie-ized’ to show only horrible things. The film industry, led by Jordan Spielberg, went to great lengths to fabricate news clips to show Jews barely surviving in the harsh lunar habitat. Artists and engineers labored to cover over the vast environmental successes with illusionary domes showing massive areas of wasteland to discourage anyone from Earth ever sending a spaceship with cameras to see what was going on.


However, no one ever did come and the years passed rapidly. One decade, then another. Bar Mitzvahs, weddings, brises, all celebrated under the artificial world that the Jews had created not only had it not been that bad, but by the end of the century, some Jewish authors were calling the moon colony ‘Eden 2’.


Of course, other Jews disagreed. In fact, much time was spent on disagreeing. There were even contests for arguing but, in general, there was peace. Anyone who threatened the peace was forced to officiate at a contest with people arguing about why that person was wrong. The contests would go on for days (sometimes weeks), until the troublemaker begged for forgiveness. (Many penalties on the moon were similar to this, and were extremely effective.)


Back on Earth, life disintegrated without the Jews. There was a return to Middle Ages thought – only the current religion du jour was valid all others were legislated into poverty until a war erupted and the positions changed for a few years.


Another amazing anomaly appeared when there were no longer any Jews on Earth. Anti-Semitism actually increased to monumental proportions! Famous orators explained this by saying: ‘I don’t have to have a gun to be afraid of having my brains blown out.’


Additionally, without the presence of the Jews, the world developed incredible evil that had no release. (Previous evil had always focused on the Jews.) One Rabbi on the moon actually said that G-d spoke to him, and said that He, G-d, was about to destroy the Earth because everyone on the Earth was evil. The Rabbi begged Him to reconsider, and bargained that if there were 1,000 good people left on the Earth, G-d should spare the Planet. G-d then told the Rabbi, “Hey, I was through this before with Abraham and Noah, and I already know the answer because I am G-d.”


People laughed at the Rabbi, but then, one day, while all the lunar citizens were going about their business, an enormous series of explosions was seen on the Earth. Everyone on the moon stared at the distant fireballs that seemed to engulf the blue Planet, their former home.


Although there had been great anger at being forced to leave the Earth, the true spirit of Judaism was always present on the moon, and no one had wished ill to former home. As in the tradition of the Seder (when the wine is spilled because the Egyptians perished, and we do not rejoice fully when even an enemy has died) when the Jews saw what was happening, they began to weep and pray, and watch what was to be the final news from Earth. Cameras videotaped the horror of the apocalypse until the new electron bombs ionized all electricity. Entire countries were wiped off in the blink of an ion exploding. Then came the final transmission from the nation that had started the entire mess it was a desperate headline screamed by a hundred dying newscasters. Their rant continued until it was just blackness. What were they saying? As the Jews watched, some gasped, others cried, and a few even laughed. The last words of the disappearing civilization were a condemnation. “The Jews have caused all our problems. They left us here to face the mess they made. If the Jews had not taken all the best scientists and engineers, we could have defeated our enemies. Our enemies are the Jews! Kill all the Jews.”


It took a little while, but the electronics experts pieced together what had happened on Earth during its last days. Anti-Semitism, which had grown stronger and stronger since the Jews had left, had reached its pinnacle, and all the countries of the Earth had decided to launch a massive attack on the moon. The United Nations coordinated the attack and, although all the missiles had been launched properly, there was some sort of glitch in the targeting system, resulting in all the weapons colliding in the upper atmosphere and showering the Earth with a deadly rain of nuclear fire, electronic destruction, and a generally bad day. The mistake triggered a military response of all the nations (who all had nuclear weapons by then; plus a few other horrid toys), and it caused truly an Armageddon.


The Jews on the moon went into a period of deep mourning. The Orthodox tore their clothing and there were mass counseling sessions. Then, about one week after the BIG DAY, as it was now called, a presence was detected heading towards the moon. Had one of the missiles escaped? Were the Jews doomed after all? The leaders checked with the defense experts. No, this was not a missile; it was an old-style spacecraft, like the ones used in the early seventies. As it approached, the laser defense was aimed on the craft. Debates raged as to whether the craft should be destroyed or allowed to get close enough to communicate with.


A message from the ship came just in time. It said, “We are the last representatives from Earth – two from each country – and we come in peace.” Some Jews rejoiced that there were survivors; others demanded isolation or death to the approaching group.


The Rabbi who had had the vision of earth’s destruction told the leaders that G-d wanted the Earthlings to have a chance, so they were allowed to circle the moon. When told they could have a section of land to themselves to farm and repopulate, the Earthlings became upset. They told the Jews that they should be allowed to live with the Jews and have all the same privileges; because, after all, in Judaism, the stranger is given the same rights and privileges as the citizen.


Upon hearing this, the leaders went to the Rabbi with the visions. The Rabbi offered to guide the visitors to their new home within the Jewish community. The leaders allowed him to give the instructions for landing. However, the ship’s commander did not trust the Rabbi. He did not listen to his advice. Consequently, he crashed the ship into a lunar crater.


And so we have the final days of the history of the planet Earth, which have been generously shared with us by the Jewish colony of the 453rd Solar System of the M Galaxy. Although the Earth is currently uninhabitable, the head engineer of the Jewish colony on Mars tells us that Venus will be fully colonized by the year 2120, and with continuous replanting, Earth will once again be ready for Jews returning from other planets in the year 2136.


An interesting side note: inside the wreckage of the spaceship with the survivors from Earth was a specially marked package that had survived. It included a panel with words etched into it: Once there was a great planet named the Earth. There were many peoples on this planet, and they all coexisted peacefully with each other, except for the Jews. Wherever there were Jews, there was trouble. Jews brought dirt, death, hatred, and strife. They were finally banished from our planet, only to take with them many great inventors and scientists and doctors, leaving Earth with nothing. We have decided to destroy the remnants of the Jews, and since the first attempt to send nukes failed, we are going to destroy the Jews with out own hands. Whoever shall find this panel will know the truth; it was all the Jews’ fault.’


This panel has been preserved and is on display at the Earth Memorial Museum at Rivka Crater, NW, for all travelers who wish to see the remains of a civilization that did not understand the words “He who blesses the Jews, is himself blessed; he who curses the Jews, is himself cursed.”

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