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Kotel Notes

I have been contacted by Shai Wininger, founder of PushTuck software, and thought this may be of interest to Jewgle readers:

Kotel Notes is an iPhone/iPod Touch application which lets Jewish people from around the world send their wishes and prayers for placement within the crevices of the Western Wall in Jerusalem.

Once submitted through the iPhone App, prayers are printed and placed in the Western Wall within a few weeks.

Kotel Notes was developed in Israel by a new iPhone software company called “PushTuck”.

“The idea of developing Kotel Notes came to me after visiting the Western Wall and seeing the large amount of tourists who travel to this holy place on a regular basis only to submit their prayers and wishes. It occurred to me that providing such a service to the jewish community in the diaspora could be of great value to people in time of need. I specially love the fact that our ancient religion can be so gracefully combined with cutting edge technology to provide believers with experiences that where not available to them before.” said Shai Wininger – founder of PushTuck software.

More information and screenshots of the application can be found here:

iPhone with Kotel Notes
iPhone with Kotel Notes

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