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Maccabean stands strong against New Israel Fund


The Maccabean – Perth’s Jewish newspaper since 1972 has been under attack recently from the New Israel Fund for refusing to advertise a screening of “hit” Israeli TV show Magash Hakesef (The Silver Platter). The NIF are mobilising their comrades to make this issue the entire focus of the Perth Jewish Community and to brand The Maccabean as a right wing conservative voice that refuses to participate in any other agenda other than it’s own. The sheer irony of this position by The NIF only highlights how little they know about Perth and its vibrant history.

The lies must stop and the truth has to be told.

The Maccabean is a community newspaper run by volunteers and a paid administrator. Like all print media it is facing an uncertain future and there have been no signs yet of the necessary change occurring to ensure it’s survival into the future. As for the type of coverage it is usually to the left and not always supportive of the orthodox movement. However they fill a role in the community and they should be commended for taking a strong stand on this issue with the NIF. Only those who display courage in the face of adversity will be successful and as a community I urge everyone to support the Maccabean, write emails to them to show your support even if you do not subscribe. The email is

The New Israel Fund on the other hand represent a group that trade on lies and deception. While the NIF claim to “increase awareness and understanding of the importance of civil and human rights, social and economic justice, democracy, diversity, reconciliation and peace.” the mounting evidence shows this to be false. As far back as 2011 the NIF was already creating controversy highlighted by Isi Leibler on the word from Jerusalem Blog.

In recent times NIF have been exposed for receiving funding from anti-Israel American organisation’s. The NIF use that money to fund some of the most dubious anti-Israel NGO’s organisations in Israel.

Liam Getreu of the NIF, was recently challenged on the Jewish Perth facebook group, about the many contradictions of the NIF. No real answers have been forthcoming in the facebook forum. Plenty of sidestepping, dodging and diversion though, more akin to a rugby union match. The Maccabean in a statement responded to the NIF regarding their decision to ban the ad. The Chair of The Maccabean Tony Tate wrote: “The Management Committee of The Maccabean has exercised its right to decline requests to lodge advertisements. We do not intend to further discuss this decision, as has been our policy on this matter since our inception.” I wonder if the NIF feel strange when other organisations follow their mantra and refuse to explain themselves ?

It is little wonder that The Maccabean have been left with no choice, other than refusing to support the NIF and it’s mission to undermine Israel and in turn the local community.

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