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Matisyahu is coming to Perth

Fans of the American Hasidic Jewish reggae musician, Matisyahu, will be excited to know he is coming to Perth, for a small side concert at the PHC, as well as performing at the West Coast Blues and Roots Festival, on Sunday the 28th of March.

Tickets will go on sale, after Purim and available through the PHC. Jewlgeperth understand tickets will be in the vicinity of $50 each and that Matisyahu approached the PHC to perform at the shule.

The concert will be Motzei Shabbat 27th March, at the PHC and should be a real once in a life time opportunities of anyone who appreciates Matisyahu’s music, philosophy or style to experience it in our local atmosphere.

Hopefully a large crowd will attend, ensuring future events of this nature remain likely.

As mentioned above, the show will be held after termination of Shabbat. 😉

For anyone wondering what to expect, here is a video from his current tour.


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