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Media experiment

Who says the media do not editorialise their news to send a narrative powerful enough to influence public opinion?

Lets try an experiment.  The leader of the WA Liberal party, Troy Buswell, stood down yesterday after being cut to shreds over an alleged “chair sniffing” incident.

The experiment is to google “Troy Buswell” – 26,900 hits.  Then Google “Troy Buswell” and “Chair Sniffing” and the hit count is 4,400.  That is - almost one in every five times you google the former leader, the word association kicks in.

You can play this game yourself.  Try googling “Benjamin Netanyahu” – 636,000 hits.  Then add the word “Hawk” – the number is 23,700 or “Hawkish” 17,200, a collective strike rate of 7%.

Now try “Israel” with 324 million hits.  Only 320,000 hits if you add the word “aparthied”. 

Do you have any other examples of the media creating a persistent stereotype through the use of euphemisms?


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