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Medical Matters

Yair Birnbaum, An Executive Director of Hadassah hospital in Jerusalem gave a talk last night to a small audience as part of the Hadassah Australia annual appeal.

More evident through the provision of medical services and research than any other industry or activity, is the contrast of Jewish humanitarian values against the so called “human rights” crusade of the enemies of Israel. The Hadassah hospital, without discriminating against race or creed, works around Israel and the world to develop leading edge medical technology and research for the betterment of all.

Splashed over the media today are articles about 180 Fatah supporters who fled to Israeli soliders (also under fire) due to civil political tension in Gaza. Apparently the Fatah regime of Ramallah determined that these defectors needed to be returned to Gaza, but after the first 35 went back and were arrested, it appears most of them will go to the West Bank anyway. In and amongst the coverage was the small note that Israel is treating many of the injured victims of this clash.

As much as the media is trying to blame Israel for this, somehow the point that Israel is aiding political fugitives (and possibly terrorists) who advocate its destruction, has not been dropped from the story. It is quite incredible that a nation, surrounded by sworn enemies, would put its own soliders at risk to protect its enemy from itself. Yet, the values of Israel and the obligation to assist an injured person prevail. That is the difference in this conflict. One side values and protects life, and the other doesn’t.

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