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The anti-Semitic Brendan O’connell has been released on bail.

There is a large amount of traffic on the internet about this now, including all the true anti-semitic people out there who are showing their real colours (mainly a vomit coloured shade of yellow around the belly).

The Perth Jewish community continues to discuss this incident, and the media continue to follow the story.

Unfortunately the debate has been simplistically reduced to one of free speech vs racial vilification.  This is perhaps an over-simplification. It does not take into account that Brendan has not been “denied” free speech, but rather that he has exercised free speech and is now culpible to face the consequences of abusing this.

Also, that he has assaulted and harrassed people, so there are more than words at stake here. 

I believe in free speech, to the point where it does not become harmful to others.  In this case, the bounds of responsible use of free speech have been undeniably breached.

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