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Neo-Nazi’s in Tel Aviv

The ABC (Australian Broadcast Corporation) brings the story of the rise of neo-nazi’s in Eretz Yisrael.

According to the article, small cells of neo-nazis, formed mainly of Russian immigrants, have begun to form in and around the Tel Aviv area, in particular. One such cell, of which no members were Halachically Jewish, was recently arrested after a spate of physical assaults on Orthodox Jews, immigrants and anyone else they felt they could get away with attacking.

From the article:

“The cell members adopted Hitler’s ideology and created their own unique language which includes music, video clips, insignia, graffiti, and tattoos all depicting Nazi ideology… Members of the group would document attacks in which they beat innocent and helpless people who belonged to different minorities…”

Tel Aviv police have largely played down the incident, saying it remains a relatively small phenomena and can largely be attributed to immigrants who struggle to fit in, lashing out in a way they feel will be most hurtful.

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