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Northbridge History Project completed

The Northbridge History project has completed its work, and a wealth of archival resources are available on their website.

The following letter was written by the project’s director:

We have amassed an amazing collection about the history of Northbridge and, through it, the broader history of Western Australia. Although the administrative phase of the Project is now completed, the resources that document the fascinating and complex history of Northbridge and the special place it holds in Western Australia’s development are available in the Electronic Archive at

The Northbridge History Project Report 2005-2010 is available from the website for download. The Project has received several awards and high praise nationally and internationally and its model has been adopted as best practice for community and heritage consultation. I hope that you will enjoy reading about the achievements of the past five years, which are testament to the hard work and dedication of so many people…

Dr Felicity Morel-EdnieBrown, Director, Northbridge History Project

Go directly to the electronic archive, accept the copyright conditions, then search by group for documents related to the Jewish community.

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