What does an Ostrich and The Maccabean have in common ?

What does an Ostrich and The Maccabean have in common ?

This is the response from the editor of The Maccabean on The Jewish Perth facebook page. based on a recently published originated from Jewgle Perth.
“Responding to the ‘learning from dinosaurs’ post, in order to correct some of the inaccuracies:
The Maccabean did not receive letters from “many” people.
We received three letters, one of which was withdrawn.
The other two supported the Maccabean decision.
Had we published those, we would have been accused of only representing one side of the argument. That issue of the Maccabean included two comprehensive opinion pieces,
offering two totally diverse points of view.
Perhaps the authors of the letters were expecting acknowledgment of receipt of their letters.
But when one writes to the media, be it The West Australian,
The Australian, the Australian Jewish News or any TV network, one’s submission gets published, or it doesn’t.
If it is published, it is usually in an edited form.
The papers do not contact contributors to get approval for the changes or to explain their reasons for not publishing.
The Maccabean is no different.
It’s funny that the cry about the community having no voice has only been heard over the past few weeks, and then only in respect to this one issue. Leaving aside the regular contributions from virtually all community organisations, where have these individual voices been for the past many years?
Where are the thoughts, opinions, contributions?
‘Dovi HaMelech’ believes that the Maccabean has failed the community. Judging by the amount of positive feedback the Maccabean receives – consistently – and over a long period
of time, I believe he is wrong.”

Nobody from Jewgle Perth, is taking away, seeking to dimish, minmise or invalidate, from any work done in the past by The Maccabean, however this response is exactly why things need to change.
Out of the 2 letters to the editor that could be published, a decision was made to not publish, because The Maccabean could then be accused of only representing one side of the argument.
If supporters choose to write to a publication and the other side don’t whose problem is that ? Why does a legitimate voice become silenced ?

Furthermore The Maccabean chose to publish, an article from an Israeli source, that bordered on tacit support for The NIF, however the letters, to the editor, did not cut the mustard ?
Is The Maccabean, so afraid of The NIF and it’s misguided supporters ?

The original point still stands, The Maccabean faces many challenges, some of their own making, and others due to a shift in technology beyond their control.
Nothing is going to change, when people’s heads are buried in the sand, like Ostrich’s.

Kudo’s to the editor for defending the position online, this is where the next gen of readers exist and, what we should be focusing on for the future.

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