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This blog has been publicly launched after much thought and debate.  Big qudos to the small group of likeminded people who have worked together to make this happen, with technical, editorial and functional expertise.

The discussion that led to this initiative started over the virtues of free speech.  This is truely a way of  communicating that is free of censorship, or any form of manipulation and control.  Clearly, it disturbs the sensitivities and comfort zones of those who are formally in control of various communication channels, newsletters and publications. 

So we should put on record at the outset.  We are not here to sit at the sidelines and fire pot shots.  We are not here to simply criticise and talk down every small instance of intransigent action that is not religiously Jewish according to our world view.  But this is our space and forum to advocate a position.  It is our way of contributing constructively to debate that is healthy for the sake of the Perth Jewish community and its future.  We are a small and vibrant community, but we could be so much better if only our energy was channeled in the right way, our resources were efficiently applied, and our leaders were open to change, progress, and modern methods of operating not-for-profit facilities and services. 

Being Jewish is never easy, and there is not a community in the world that is without problems.  The important point to make about Perth Jewry is that as a community we are too big to be small, and too small to be sustainable.  Something has to be done, and the solution that we advocate is that the relgious core of our community is further strengthed to support the overt Jewish identity of our youth.  Each year we need to find dozens of new leaders from youth movements who are prepared to be involved in community activities, and who do not feel compelled to leave Perth for the eastern seaboard.

Please use the comments facility of this blog to contribute to the debate.  Please respect our intentions.  Yes - we will bluntly and unashemedly call situations as we see them.  But this blog has not been created as a forum for the negative and cynical, and we do not want to develop an online culture of doom and gloom.

Jews have a habit of seeing the worst in any situation, but Jewish religion teaches differently.  The Chassidic persona in side all of us is one that is naturally happy, joyful and full of positive energy.  So as much as we will be critical of activity that stifles Jewish development in our community, we will also be doing a lot of celebrating about everything that is right and good about our surrounds. 

In short – let your experience of the Jewish community be one that is not seen as a burden or unfortuntate obligation, but rather a joy and pleasure.  Use that opportunity of being Jewish to unlock the a rich and very meaningful tradition, benefit from the amazing quantity and quality of Jewish education that you can access locally, and display your identity with pride. 

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