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Rockets fired from Lebanon into Israel

Hizbullah Some Random Group fired at least 3 rockets into Northern Israel today, wounding two people lightly and intentionally escalating an already tense situation.

The Katyusha rockets landed in Nahariya and the IDF returned fire to the location they originated from, immediately.

So far, Hizbullah have claimed they had nothing to do with the action, although it is well known that nothing happens Lebanon without their, and in turn Iran’s, prior permission.

The Lebanese government, who has historically being either powerless or unwilling to prevent Hizbullah from launching such attacks, has indicated they intend to find out who fired the rockets.

The U.N. force who patrol the Israel / Lebanon boarder and who have completely failed to hold Hizbullah to any part of U.N. resolution 1701 at all (resolution 1701 called for the Israel to cease fire on Lebanon – which they did, and Hizbullah to disarm – which they didn’t), have of course made no comment. One wonders if they even know this happened or if they’re even there at all.

The same UNIFIL forces are saying that as part of a cease fire, they could patrol the Egypt / Gaza border and prevent the flow of weapons to Hamas, just as effectively as they have prevented Hizbullah from re-arming.

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