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Shana Tovah 2008

There is just enough time to send best wishes to all our readers for a fulfilling and meaningful yomtov and a year of good tidings ahead.

May all Israel realise the potential of our nation to bring sanctity and blessing into the world, and may we continue to grow from strength to strength. Our homeland Israel, a living miracle of our time, should bask in the glory of its acheivements and stand strong in the face of its foes.

Here in Perth, the Jewish community should stand proud of its accomplishments, and not become complacent or satisfied with the status quo. There is much work to be done here, and every person that contributes constructively to the growth and development of our community life is delivering us an identity and a future.

Thank you to all our readers for your visits to this site, for your contributions, for your honesty, and for supporting our platform to enhance the communications within the Perth Jewish community.

The Jewgle Perth Team

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