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Shorter days are here again

With daylight savings behind us, and winter ahead of us, some post seasonal review has not changed my viewpoint on daylight savings. 

I’m not averse to change, and do enjoy the longer days in Summer.  Having an extra long Shabbat has both a positive and negative impact, the one big drawback is that a Friday night family dinner for a household with young kids is very hard to host when you don’t get home from Shule until after 8.30 PM.

The last few weeks of daylight saving, especially the end of March where earliest Tefillin time is far beyond the scheduled start time of a regular shacharit, is a big disturbance to the routine. 

For these reasons, I favour daylight saving for WA, but for a shorter period.  From mid October (after Succot) until the end of February would be ideal for your typical frummer yid.

Seems like we have some time to think about the issue some more before we all get to vote.  Now that winter is here, we can all stew over the issue during Shabbat lunch, while we once again enjoy a nice pot of cholent.

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