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One of the most important, and by far one of the most neglected issues in our community is that of providing non-intimidating social opportunities for single Jewish people to meet.

On the whole, Perth is a great place for children.  It’s also a fantastic place for young families, and grandparents.  But its not the ideal place for a young single adult.  Especially so if you are Jewish and your social connections are limited to the small group of people who you see at each and every social occasion.  Many Jewish youth leave Perth to study and work in other cities.  Many also return to settle down with their life partner.

There is an immense amount of pressure on many young single Jews to meet and marry.  This is not unique to Perth, but unlike other cities there are more limited structures and fewer events and doors to the community to provide for connections.   There are many singles in our community, but there are few opportunities for serious introductions and dating.

A small community is not the big disadvantage that many people think.  It was once pointed out that many married people have only seriously dated one or two, a few at the most, friends before ending up hitched.  It does take an effort on the part of the single person to get out and about, but it also requires more of an effort on the part of the community to deliver the casual opportunities to socialise and participate.

Congratulations to Maccabi who have developed two social networks, one for 20-35 year olds, and one for 35 year old plus.  Weekend events and a new years event have been planned.  If you need more information, a visit to the Maccabi website will get you started.

Here is a copy of the announcement (posted by request):

2 New Maccabi Social Clubs!
Are you Jewish and Single in Perth? We have 2 new social clubs successfully running. All you have to do is turn up at the organised events. You can log onto the Maccabi website regularly ( and see where we are at any time and what we are doing.
The first group welcomes 20 – 35 yr olds – If you’re single & want to mingle. Have fun and meet new people.
The second group welcomes all ages – If you’re single, or a single parent, separated/divorced or parents/grandparents without partners?
Why not come along and meet & get to know other jewish friends whilst enjoying various activities.


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