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Sunday Times Outrage

Of all the biased and out of perspective coverage of last weeks terrorist attack, perhaps Perth can lay claim to one of the worlds worst efforts to convey news of this attack in the Sunday Times.

Just who are the victims of this terrorist attack ? The caption of this article reads “Grieving:  Fatima, centre, the mother of Alaa Abu Dheim, whom family members say killed eight Israeli students, is comforted by relatives.” Maybe the mother of the terrorist is mourning, but it may have escaped the newspapers attention that her house has been draped with flags of Hamas, and her nephew has been quoted as saying “We are proud and happy, and everyone in Jabel Mukaber is proud of him”.

The article says that the “Militant Islamist group Hamas denied it was behind the attack.” In fact Hamas is a terrorist organisation, and the democratically elected Government of Gaza.  In fact, Reuters reported internationally that Hamas claimed responsibility for the attack.

As a final point for the Sunday Times, if you are going to mention that Israel captured Jerusalem in the 1967 war from Jordan, then at least have the decency to note that Israel did not start that war and that it was attacked on all fronts in an effort to destroy and eliminate the nation.

Shame, Shame, Shame. The Sunday Times has stooped to a new low.

Here are the young children who were murdered. Maybe it is their photos that should be shown.


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