That’s some nice hypocrisy, Rome…

That’s some nice hypocrisy, Rome…

Roman Catholic leaders have today said the notion of a Jewish state is a blatant discrimination against other religions and must be abandoned.

Just wondering if you’ve looked out the window, lately? How’s Vatican City, going, fellas? That’s a nice Catholic state-within-a-state you’ve got going, there. So I guess it’s ok for you to ‘discriminate’ against others but not for them to ‘discriminate’ against you?

While we’re on the topic of ‘discrimination’, Rome, let me ask a question. How many Churches exist in Jerusalem? How often do priests and Christians get to perform parades and festivals in Israel and Jerusalem? All the time, that’s how often. You’re freely allowed churches and festivals. How about the reverse? When did a Jewish procession last walk down the main streets of Vatican City? Never, that’s when. Ever seen a gay parade out in front of the Pope’s house? No – and you never will because the Catholic Church doesn’t practice what it preaches.

Complete, utter hypocrisy.

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