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The Criminal Continues to Broadcast

Brendon O’Connell, convicted for Racial Vilification, continues to publish and broadcast offensive, misguided, and remorseless statements from within the confines of prison.  This blog has made the point before that our justice system is unable to contain a person convicted of a crime from continuing to perpetrate that same crime from an incarcerated environment.  It makes a mockery of our system of justice.

In a recent blog post Brendan has posted a copy of his rejected parole application.  Included in the application are statements as follows:

(request for the Jewish community to be)… “owning the responsibility of cleansing and marginalising the extremist amongst their ranks which includes the most odious, violent and extremist religious group of Judaism known as Chabad Lubavich”

The document posted makes numerous references to Judaism as racist, and concludes by citing statements to support his conspiracy beliefs that Jews seek global domination.

I have not posted any links as I do not wish to attract traffic to Brendan’s site, including yet another youtube clip posted last week.  However to give you a taste of Brendan’s deranged diatribe, here is a transcript from the youtube broadcast:

They are everywhere, they have got their hands in everything.  This is big, big, it’s huge, it really is.  I’m getting invited out for cups of coffee with the head of counter terrorism to talk about this stuff. Alright?  This is going to end the State of Israel this stuff.  I really mean it.  It’s going to end the State of Israel if people will focus their firepower and hopefully this interview with the President of Iran will assist that.  We are going to end this gross human rights violating racist apartheid State which is dragging the whole world into war.  You know this Helen Thomas, you know, the White House reporter who said “Zionists are running the United States” I mean, how many times does it have to be said by eminent people?

From this, you get the picture about how caught up this man is in his own rhetoric, and how he is blinded by his hatred of Israel.

This is not just an issue of concern for the Jewish community.  It is an issue for all people in Western Australia who care about justice.  People inside our prisons should have their communication privileges revoked if they are going to use those privileges to promulgate hate speech.

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