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The Disaffected Entitled Youth

Disaffected YouthIn following the controversy over the left wing propaganda fund raising machine that is NIF a bigger issue has been brought to the attention of Jewgle Perth regarding the youth of our community.

The Perth community is a vibrant community with a complete duplication of the major organisation’s from the east coast present in our city, JNF, UIA, Maccabi,  Jewish Care, Bnei Akiva, Habonim etc
We also have our unique causes think Maurice Zeffert home, shules, Carmel School, Menora charity fund.

Many many youth are involved in these organisations. Menora Charity Fund is engaged with the school, youth groups to support its various activities ranging from swap meets, pickups and delivery of goods to those in need and much much more., I could devote an entire blog to the work that MCF do and why it is so important for our community but thats for another day. Yes I’m a fan of helping others, that is a foundation and pillar of Judaism not fighting over how many times a week someone gets to shule. UIA and JNF involve the youth in their activities and all organisations if they are thinking about the future should be embracing the youth of our community and bringing them into the organisation’s to keep the path of succession alive.

There are many ways to help in an organisation. Some of us prefer to volunteer for a specific activity from time to time, while others are more commitment and help on a regular basis., Those of us who are thick skinned and have the right ideals often join the boards and committees of these organisations because a greater contribution can be made. In many well run organisations the path to the committee, board of management can take a long time. Once you are on the committee you have to prove yourself and make a valuable contribution. Over a period of time that contribution might be recognised and awarded through community recognition,

 In the words of AC/DC “It’s a long way to the top if you want to rock n roll” but the journey is the reward.  This journey can be fraught with danger as is often the case committees can become a chamber of ideas, where everyone competes for space to push a philosophy, into the community based on the ideals of the organisation. This takes time, can cause friction and most of all can be linked to high stress situations. It is not unlike a business where a CEO puts the idea to the executive and a discussion occurs as to why this path is the best path forward for the business. A good leader will defend their ideas and open them to challenge to see how they stand up, It should not be a process of abuse against another person but a way to share ideas and exchange knowledge to acheive a common and hopefully successful outcome.

The youth of today are feeling disaffected with the Perth Jewish Ccommunity, they say they are not wanted, that the “oldies” do not want change. So while the youth might have a grudge and whether or not they are correct here are some pointers that to take onboard before rushing to embrace the current mantra  “no one in the community wants me”. This may be relevant to some of you who have the pleasure of being employed with “OLDER” bosses or team members.

  1. The community owes you nothing until you prove why you should be owed.
  2. You are only special because of your potential but your potential is hidden until demonstrated.
  3. Don’t expect to join a committee without putting in the hard yards first by volunteering to pack up the chairs at the end of a function, schlepp stuff or raise funds.
  4. Once on a committee know your role, position and plan of action.
  5. Expect your ideas to be challenged, This is how you grow by learning to defend the position.
  6. Don’t give up and just because people disagree with you, this is natural and you need to learn how to manage that situation.
  7. Learn how to manipulate sorry I mean work with others to lobby a position to get it adopted.
  8. You may not always get your way and that is not necessarily a personal attack on your ideas.
  9. Jewish organisations often have conservative committees in place for good reason. Many people before you have given their blood sweat and tears, to build an organisation, and they are equally passionate about anybody with a non conformist agenda from destroying their work.
  10. Everybody can play a role in helping in the community. Always consider why and where you want to be involved and go for it.Do not despair this is not an attack on you because I have also experienced the exact issues you mention in various posts and discussions. I would nothing more than to see the youth of today get involved and embrace organisations like The Maccabean and Maccabi which have some real dinosaurs at the helm. This is not to disparage their work but it is high time for them to move aside and the youth to stand up and be counted. If the youth need help there are those of us in the middle only to willing to mentor and assist where possible.

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