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The information age

Let’s spare a thought for the power of the internet.  For those who want to see what is really happening, they have the power to do so.  Just tune away from the mainstream media and you can find first hand accounts of what is happening in Israel and why.

I’ve just been watching an interesting clip of Israel’s Deputy PM, Minister Eli Yishai.  He was in Ashdod when the sirens suddenly sound for a missile attack and the cameras caught it all. 

My morning was spoilt when I read this morally corrupt commentary on the ABC, accompanied by some nice anti-semitic commentary to boot.  Bob Ellis’s grandmother, Rachel Larkmen, would have turned in her grave when the waves of cyberspace took her soul to read what has to be one of the worst articles every released by our supposedly objective public broadcaster.  Bob – when the terrorists (AKA the old man in the wheelchair) bomb your home, they won’t care.  Your Jewish blood is as red as mine, and your life as an infidel will be over.       

But there is hope.  Ralph Peters from the New York Times, calls it very well with this editorial.

According to YNET, the head of Israeli’s intelligence reported today that Hamas terrorists are hiding in hospitals and maternity wards, wearing the clothes of doctors and nurses.  They are moving rocket launchers into crowded residential neighborhoods, and thus their success in shooting over 45 rockets into Israeli towns this morning alone. This morning, the Gazans requested that Israeli hospitals take in  two small children injured in the hostilities.  Israel allowed them in, even as Hamas continued to bomb.

Don’t expect the press to get any better.  But please do take the time to explore these links, and remain informed.   It is a privilege that technology has brought us.  The truth is out there, we just have to find it.

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