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The Mystery of Us

Recently we’ve had a more (1) people wanting to know who is behind this site. The general assertion of the mailer was that we a hiding behind anonymity to avoid any negative ramifications of what is written here and that if we continue to do so, he will not continue to read.

Firstly, let me thank the person in question for reading in the first place and openly asking us to “fess up”. I understand where you are coming from and can sympathise with your views.

Let me provide our side of the story. The key goal of this site is to provide another view into life as Perth Jew. We don’t aim to put up offensive or derisive material and I don’t believe any has been put up to date. If you feel otherwise, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We aim simply to bring attention to the community any events, goings-on, or otherwise, from a more orthodox perspective than is available in other sources, at this time.

It’s our firm belief that if people attach names to this site, it will be reduced to thinking along the lines of “oh, that’s so and so’s view”, or “oh that’s just so-and-so’s web page”. We don’t want this. We want this to be your site as much as it us ours. We want your views and your opinions, in comments and in blogs.

Please comment back to this entry. If you think we have the wrong end of the stick, say so. If you’d like to contribute, let us know. We are seeking an open and really useful interface for Perth Jewry to dialogue in. I personally would love nothing more than a time when everyone can come here to see what event’s are coming up or voice their opinion on any current matters.

So I apologise that I have not answered your question regarding who we are. You may feel the above is a cop out but that’s not my intent. A good way to test us is post your opinions and issues that matter to you – you’ll find we’re only to happy to discuss them.

If time shows that anonymity is not required, it won’t be pursued. For now, while we grow the site, we’d rather it remained this way to help foster a more communal ownership.

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