The West Australian is misreporting again

The West Australian is misreporting again

Q:  When does an allegation become a fact? 

A:  When it is a headline in the West Australian

On page 34 of todays West Australian there is a headline “Terrorist Chief killed by Israel”.  Had the headline said “Hizbollah claim Terrorist Chief killed by Israel” it may have been more accurate. 

Nowhere in this report does it balance out the claim by noting that Israel has formally denied the accusation. 

This demonisation of Israel is nicely supported by another article on page 46 about Israeli Chefs going on a spring roll strike to protest a reduction in visas issued to Asian chefs.  The article says that “Israel attracts virtually no immigrants from Asia because anyone seeking citizenship must prove they have Jewish family or other links with the country”.   Actually about 20% of Israel’s population is not Jewish or has no Jewish identity.  That does not mean that they cannot immigrate to Israel.  Facts aside, what exactly is this article trying to imply?  That Israel is a Jewish country for Jewish immigrants?  What a shocking rascist concept that is!

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