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I’ve just managed to get to my email for the first time in a few days.

Seems that there is a lot of tzorres going around.  Three stories took my particular interest:

– The Australian Communication and Media Authority (ACMA) ruled that the Hizbullah’s Lebanese-based Al Manar satellite television network does not violate Australia’s anti-terrorism standards.  Therefore, unlike other civilised nations of the world, we can receive their broadcasts into our homes anywhere in Australia.

– There was some very one sided coverage about the evictions of Arabs from Jewish-owned homes in the Sheikh Jarreh neighborhood in eastern Jerusalem, following a long legal dispute that the Supreme Court upheld in favour of the land owners.  In particular the SBS ignored most of the facts and presented a very biased article.

– A resident Perth anti-Semite, who deserves no profile or attention grabbing publicity from this site, has been spewing hatred.  Sometimes I wish that the so called conspiracy that he believes in actually existed, so that he had a genuine reason to live in fear. 

I’m not going to get caught up in the morbid depression created by those who would rather, as the “white pride” poster of a comment to this site suggested “have us dead”.   Instead I am out there being proudly Jewish.  In the space of one evening I have been able to celebrate Tu B’Av, learn Torah, contribute to the community, and even share a lechaim or two with my chevre.  Its a far better way to spend an evening than to mull over some fairly serious victimisation.

To those out in the world who wish to destroy Jewish living, you are not the first, and you unfortunately may not be the last.  The Jewish resolve, the protection of our Brit Bein Habtarim, and our love of being Jewish will outlast your irrational hatred.  If you think you can wear down the beauty of our tradition through lies and distortion, you are sadly mistaken. 

We will continue to be Jewish, we will continue to build Jerusalem, and we will continue to represent ethical monothesim in its original authentic form.

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